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UR list of sources is by no means exhaustive; however, the following books all contain ancestries of U.S. Presidents and First Ladies that have been reviewed and approved by the Order as viable sources for use in HOFPFLA applications. The items on this list are not required or exclusive; think of them as suggestions.

  • Executive Papers, Alexander Bannerman, ed. (Hereditary Order of the Families of the Presidents and First Ladies of America; all volumes).

    By definition, all material in HOFPFLA's official periodical Executive Papers is approved for use in proving lineages of Presidents and First Ladies. Members are reminded that additions and corrections appear in each issue for all prior issues. Therefore, all issues of the magazine should be consulted whenever relying on information contained therein when proving a lineage.

  • Gary Boyd Roberts, Ancestors of American Presidents (2009; rev. Boston: NEHGS, 2012; supp. 2015).

    This is our most strongly recommended source for presidential ancestries. Covers all U.S. Presidents from George Washington through Barack Obama. Please use the 2009 edition (2012 revision), as it contains corrections of errors in, and additions to, the 1995 and 1989 editions, which the Order is no longer accepting as evidence of Presidential lineage. This book is currently available for purchase through NEHGS.

  • Hugh Brogan, Charles Mosley, and David Prebenna, American Presidential Families (New York, NY: MacMillan Publishing Co., 1994).

    Another good source, covering George Washington through George W. Bush.

  • Marcus Lesley Hume Cunliffe and David Williamson, Burke's Presidential Families of the United States of America (United Kingdom: Burke's Peerage Limited, 1975).

    Burke's is acceptable as a source, although it does contain some isolated errors. Contact the Order to make sure that the ancestry you are citing is viable.

The following sources have been reviewed by the Order and rejected as unacceptable for use in documenting the genealogy of a President or First Lady:

  • Craig Hart, A Genealogy of the Wives of the American Presidents and Their First Two Generations of Descent (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., Inc., 2004).
  • Ronald Vern Jackson and Mrs. Altha Polson, American Patriots (privately publ., 1981.)

We will add to this bibliography as more sources are reviewed.

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