Hereditary Order of the Families of the
Presidents and First Ladies of America


UR Cabinet, the governing body of the Order, consists of eleven Officers, including the HOFPFLA President as presiding officer. Regular elections are held among the Order's members.

We have posted a separate page to honor members who have passed on, after having rendered exceptional service to HOFPFLA.

Cabinet Officers
Jane Routt Power
Vice President
Gayle Mast Coan
Archivist General
Patricia Sears Wasilik
Secretary General
Cheryl Whitt Rios
Secretary of Engraving
Sandra MacLean Clunies
Attorney General
Dara K. Wanzer, Esq.
Sandra Hendrick Staley
Secretary of Registry
Alexander N. J. K. J. R. Bannerman
Postmaster General
Alexander N. J. K. J. R. Bannerman
Secretary of the Treasury
Henry Coggeshall Howells IV
Commissioner of Telecommunications
Charles Green Banks III


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