Hereditary Order of the Families of the
Presidents and First Ladies of America


HE Hereditary Order of the Families of the Presidents and First Ladies of America is genealogical, historical, and fraternal in nature. Its membership endeavors to foster patriotism and to enlarge the knowledge of its membership through:

  • the collection of information concerning the Presidents and First Ladies of America;
  • the dissemination of such information to the Order's membership, and eventually to other interested persons and organizations;
  • the building of a body of genealogical records showing descent from the Presidents and First Ladies, and their American ancestors; and
  • the creation of a spirit of good fellowship and friendship among members through meetings and other means, inherent in these purposes.

The order was founded in Washington, DC, April 6, 2003, by thirteen men and women who all had in common that they could claim, with proof, a lineal or collateral blood relationship with an American President or First Lady. Today the Order continues to attract others with similar proven claims, and is comprised of Annual, Life, Memorial and Junior Members.

The Order makes periodic donations to other Section 501(c)(3) organizations and entities that focus on the history and the preservation of historical documents and artifacts relative to the offices of the President and First Lady.


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