Hereditary Order of the Families of the
Presidents and First Ladies of America

Insignia and Certificates

HE Order offers a handsome insignia and a unique certificate, both available for purchase by its members.


The insignia of the Order, manufactured by CityPride, Ltd., is a circular medallion of silver, bearing the full name of the Order in a circle around the outer edge, surrounding an inner circle containing a profile image of President George Washington on the left and facing right and profile image of First Lady Martha Dandridge Custis Washington on the right and facing left. Within the inner circle, above the profiles, is a constellation of 13 stars organized in the shape of a single star. Near the bottom of the medallion is the Roman numeral MMIII (2003), signifying the year in which the Order was founded. The medallion is suspended from a red, white, and blue ribbon in the general image of the American flag.

Supplemental pins, to be affixed to the medallion ribbon (as in the linked photo above), are also available to members. Pins for Presidents bear the profile of George Washington; pins for First Ladies bear that of Martha Washington. Pins are limited to a maximum of one of each pin per member, although there is no limit to the number of supplemental Presidents or First Ladies one may submit to the Order.

Large and miniature insignia, as well as supplemental pins, are available for purchase only by full Annual or Life Members.

(NOTE: Supplemental pins may also be worn as a lapel decoration in the same way, and under the same circumstances, as a member would wear a rosette.)


The Order's Certificate of Membership, available to Annual and Life Members and their attendant subtypes (see the HOFPFLA by-laws for a list of these), is printed on white card stock, measuring approximately six-by-eight inches. It bears the name and insignia of the Order, the member's name and membership number, the name of the President or First Lady through whom membership is established, the common ancestor, the date membership is granted, and the signatures of the President and the Secretary of Registry of the Order. It is presented with an image of the President or First Lady through whom membership is established, and the two items are matted together and suitable for framing.

Members with approved supplemental qualifiers also have the option of ordering an additional Multiple Supplemental Certificate, listing all supplemental Presidents and First Ladies attributed to them. Unlike the member's original document, this attractive certificate is unmatted and computer-generated rather than hand-calligraphed, so it is available at a reduced price. This will make it economical to update the list as more qualifiers are submitted, if the member wishes.

Junior Members are presented upon approval with a Junior Membership certificate, crafted in the same style as the supplemental certificate for full members. Should a Junior Member choose to upgrade to Annual or Life Membership on his or her 18th birthday, he or she is encouraged similarly to upgrade to the appropriate certificate, for the normal fee.

Memorial Membership certificates are also available to members who wish to honor a late relative by entering the relative's name posthumously into the HOFPFLA membership roster, in association with a suitable President or First Lady.

All three computer-generated certificates are printed on letter-size gold parchment paper and inscribed with the member name, names of President/First Lady and shared ancestor, member number, and date of acceptance, and stamped with the seal of the Order and names of the Cabinet. Junior and Memorial Membership certificates are printed with a portrait of the qualifying President or First Lady.

Members are to contact the Secretary of Registry for the relevant order forms to complete and submit via postal mail to the Secretary of Engraving.


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